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Location-based Marketing goes Omnichannel.
Let’s Place Connect.
Reach out to buyers when it matters the most
Design rich, immaculate shopping experiences
Endorse upselling programs by accessing potential buyers onsite

Location-based marketing can be one of the most effective marketing strategies, with a big return on investment. Our Let’s Place Connect platform helps brands reach out to buyers who are in proximity, improving success of their marketing programs.

Using a variety of channels and devices (web, mobile, wearables, smart TVs, AR and VR systems), smart segmentation and audience targeting, and location data, Let’s Place Connect helps marketing teams orchestrate and deliver fully automated campaigns (promos, local and seasonal offers, loyalty programs) that resonate with the consumer and drive spend and brand loyalty. The platform supports indoors campaigns with accuracy up to 30cm, and presence monitoring providing insight on time spent per location, visits frequency, etc.