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Where Marketing Meets Customer Success.
Integrate your marketing and customer success strategies
Improve effectiveness of your programs
Reduce complexity and administration

For many large enterprises, preserving customer loyalty is as crucial as acquiring new business – if not more. These two important functions are often managed by different teams within the organization, and require a different strategy and different set of campaigns. Your teams don’t have to use multiple tools though. Upselletator is an integrated software platform that can help both your marketing and customer success teams design and execute successful campaigns, using a plethora of channels and devices.

Upsellerator integrates the functionality of a smart marketing automation software, and a reliable loyalty management system, in one comprehensive solution; therefore reducing complexity for your IT and marketing departments. With its rich features and easy-to-use graphical interface, it allows your teams to design and execute lead generation campaigns, runs loyalty programs, develops point-earning schemes, offers eCoupons, manages customer relations, etc. Your teams will also have access to dynamic profiling and analytics that can help boost the effectiveness of your campaigns, and maximize return on every dollar spent.