Project Description

AEK FC, a Greek football club with a 90-year history, has been building its new digital profile, having undergone a complete makeover, as it’s on its way to re-discover its branding.

Having a great popular appeal, and loyal followers of all ages, AEK decided to build a presence in mobile platforms. Its new mobile app, designed and developed by Threenitas, caters to the needs of the club’s followers by promoting the club’s long history and gaming tradition, while offering real-time and accurate updates on the club’s games listings, schedule, standings and activities.

Real-time game updates are also available to all app users, who can choose to stay up-to-date by receiving mobile push notifications whenever their favorite team scores a goal! Push notifications are also used for marketing purposes, as the club can let it’s fans know of interesting developments and offers from it’s sponsors.

The AEK Mobile application is powered by Threenitas’s Sports Club Information Platform, which provides sports clubs with tools to efficiently author and distribute content to their fans.

The app is available on both major mobile platforms (iOS and Android).

App Highlights

  • Native mobile app
  • Quick interaction, fast loading times
  • Real-time, easy content management through CMS platform
  • News and Game Updates
  • Complete game listings, schedule and standings
  • History section
  • Photo gallery with stadium presentation
  • User-configurable Push Notifications