Project Description

Carrefour Marinopoulos, a leading Greek retailer, needed a new tool to communicate to its customers its daily offers and marketing material. Wanting to minimize its reliance on traditional direct marketing tools such as SMS, Wunderman, Carrefour’s direct marketing agency, worked with Threenitas in order to design a mobile app that would support such marketing needs.

Threenitas built on top of its Let’s Place Connect platform in order to develop Carrefour Daily Offers, a mobile app that gives people instant access to Carrefour’s offers while also serving as a shopping assistant.

Let’s Place Connect is Threenitas’s in-house developed and maintained Mobile, Location-Based Marketing and Loyalty platform. It provides a series of messaging and profiling features that are useful to every app, and a powerful set of marketing tools that allow the effective delivery of the brand’s message at the right time and the right place. In addition to that, the app is also tied with Carrefour’s Card, the brand’s existing offline loyalty scheme, and uses the rich set of info available in the company’s CRM system, to create a rich user profile

Daily Offers combines all these capabilities into a powerful marketing tool. Users are informed of new offers through push notifications. The offers that get promoted to users are determined by the users’ previous purchasing habits as well as their interests. Furthermore, users are also notified of new offers when approaching a Carrefour location, leading to increased foot-traffic in response to such location-specific notifications.

Application Highlights

Through a series of incremental updates, a series of consumer-facing features were introduced, gradually augmenting the user experience. The most interesting features:

  • Complete list of all available in-store promotions
  • Digital Leaflet with progressive loading and zoom functionality for brand communication
  • Shopping lists with support for generic and branded products
  • Barcode scanning to facilitate addition of new items to shopping list
  • Location specific notification

Technical Highlights

From a technical point of view, the major highlights of Carrefour’s Daily Offers App are the following:

  • Push notifications allow promotion of individual offers
  • Progressive image loading and zoom functionality for leaflets, minimize loading times of leaflets section while serving high-quality material to users
  • Shopping list items get cross-referenced with relevant offers, supporting upsells/cross-sells
  • Barcode scanning, with support for full product catalog
  • Location-specific notifications, triggered by geofencing technology
  • CRM functionality to allow user segmentation based on usage patterns
  • Extended analytics support for business intelligence and reporting

User privacy has been a primary concern during the creation and development of the app. All user-identifiable data is stored locally on the device and is not transmitted to the backend. Any data that is required to support the app’s extended functionality, is anonymized before transmission, and no connection between an individual’s account and his preferences can be made.