Project Description

The European Commission commemorated the 30th anniversary of Greece’s accession to the European Union by launching an educational game, aimed at youngsters that needed to get acquainted with the 30 countries of Union.

Modeled after a virtual trip throughout Europe, the game lasted for 30 days. Every day, a new destination was unlocked, and the user had to answer a set of questions in a limited time period. Users were awarded points based on the number of questions answered correctly and the time that it took them to get these answers.

A leaderboard with the 50 best participants, ranked by total score, was kept, and the users were competing in order to get in the leaderboards top-30 places, and winning the game’s prize, of a 5-day visit to the European Community’s HQ in Brussels.

Technical Challenges

  • Multi-stage game, with stages unlocked on a daily basis
  • Interactive, time-constrained quiz
  • Creation of a personalized avatar (hair, face, eyes, color, facial hair, gender)
  • Facebook and Twitter integration for easy content sharing and virality
  • Hack-proof implementation of timer mechanism, to combat known “clock-freezing” cheats