Project Description

Grivalia Properties Real Estate Investment Company, operates in the fast-growing real estate investment industry, governed by a favourable tax regime. It manages one of the most important commercial property portfolios in Greece and Eastern Europe, and maintains long-term leases with corporate clients.

Grivalia is being managed by experienced and skilled executives with in-depth knowledge of the Greek and International property markets.

In October 2014, the Company was rebranded to Grivalia Properties from Eurobank Properties, signaling a new era with regard to its company identity. Grivalia’s new corporate website, designed and developed by Threenitas in cooperation with Bakers Digital Communications, was part of this rebranding.

  • Corporate website for brand communication
  • Tap-friendly implementation through the use of large action areas
  • Responsive full-screen design adapts to screen sizes across devices
  • Extensive document library with temporal organization
  • Local-landing pages for individual real-estate assets
  • Property location tool with country and asset-type organization