Project Description

Haig’s Tree of Originality Facebook app, is an online community of music fans, that builds on the creativity associated with all things related to music.

Taking full advantage of the social sharing features of Facebook, and using them as an amplifier for the brand’s communication, the application allows the users to form a community that shares a common interest in music. They can take part in discussions on topics that they can start, talking about music and musicians. Periodic and seasonal contests are also available to all users, tempting the users to share posts on social media, thus generating viral traffic to the app.

The most efficient driver for social traffic is the platform’s gamification features. Users are awarded points for meaningful content that they create, and accumulated points lead to the awarding of badges. User rewarding leads to more posts on social channels, as users are prone to publish their achievements and get feedback from their friends.

Technical Highlights

The app is powered by a CMS system, that was custom built in order to support the specific requirements of the platform. The gamification features required the introduction of a series of background jobs that performed all required complex calculations at a time that was convenient to the operation of the platform, guaranteeing fast responses at normal operation times.

  • Facebook-based music-related app, presenting user submitted content
  • Custom CMS infrastructure, built on a .Net infrastructure
  • User actions are tracked and their activity is rewarded with points, badges and prizes
  • Computationally intensive tasks are scheduled to run at off-peak hours
  • Gamification features were augmented with extensive sharing capabilities
  • The app supported an ad campaign, focused on FB user acquisition and data collection