Project Description

The Hellenic Republic’s Privatisation Program represents a key initiative in attracting direct investments in infrastructure, energy, real estate and other fields. Privatisation is not seen as a mere sale of assets; rather, it is the key element in re-establishing credibility, itself the basic pre-requisite for Greece’s return to global capital markets.

The Hellenic Republic’s Asset Development Fund is the organization that is responsible for the implementation of this process. Threenitas has worked with V+O in developing a website that showcases the full portfolio of HRADF’s assets and serves as the primary channel for communicating the Fund’s actions and the progress of the privatization process.

The current website is the second version of the company’s online presence. It extends the original version of HRADF’s website and builds on the experience gathered during the first 2 years of its operation. v2.0 introduces a series of optimizations, regarding asset and news items organization and categorization,

  • Presentation of all assets promoted by HRADF, incorporating multiple taxonomies that allow alternative content presentation, based on context
  • Implemented on Drupal content-management system facilitates data entry and content management, while supporting constantly evolving user requirements
  • Multilingual presentation, with the ability to present both synchronized and stand-alone versions of the sites pages in all available languages
  • SEO-friendly content organization and technical implementation, guarantee compatibility with all major search engines