Project Description

Facebook-based contests can be anything between a simple quiz or a grant sweepstakes app. The mechanism however stays the same: do something, enter the contest, wait to learn whether you are the lucky guy or girl!

The Johnnie Walker’s “Journey of the Giant” Facebook app, built on top of that simple mechanism, and created an interactive, educational experience that told a story. The life journey of a man who devoted his life in promoting technology for the use of less privileged people throughout the world.

The app powers a four stage contest. It presents a series of milestones in Michael Bletsas’s life, each week unlocking a new one. As soon as the milestone is accessible, the user can explore a series of objects presented in a virtual environment. Each object is associated with some idea, insight or trivia from Bletsas’s life. Furthermore, ome objects might be associated with audio or video. As soon as the user has explored the virtual area, he can take the test, answering a series of questions that refer to the information just learned.

All users who have successfully answered a milestone’s quiz, enter a weekly sweepstakes. All users who have followed the journey from its beginning and have participated in all four weekly quizes, also enter a final grant sweepstakes with a major gift.

Technical Highlights

  • App supporting an ad campaign, focused on FB user acquisition for Johnnie Walker’s Greek page and mailing list data collection.
  • Multipart contest, each part is available for a limited period
  • Users are automatically enrolled in grand sweepstakes if they had enrolled in all interim contests