Project Description is a safe and creative online destination for children of young ages. It houses a rich collection of carefully designed activities which help children to properly develop, while entertaining themselves.

It offers a wide selection of educational games, creative application, videos, songs, stories, photo applications, a web radio, a digital library, thousands of printables and useful ideas for both children and adults in a secure and friendly environment.

Technical Highlights

Regardless of the impressive selection and variety of the activities and games hosted in the, the publishing platform that powers the site’s operation is an exceptional undertaking from a technical aspect as well.

Some interesting facts:

  • Offers more than 1000 carefully designed activities, targeting pre-school and early primary school kids, from 3 to 8 years old.
  • A custom developed publishing platform, built on a .Net backend, powers the Flash-rich frontend and ad presentation mechanism
  • Five different content organization types, allow for the modeling of complex content hierarchies within activities
  • Extensive use of voice-over functionality supports in-app help system, that allows pre-school kids learn how to use apps and activities
  • 60 custom made games, with varied interaction patterns
  • Flash media server powered audio and video streaming
  • Paypal checkout support through Paypal API integration
  • Gift Cards, Pay-as-you-Go memberships and Periodic Subscriptions allow platform monetization