Project Description

The major issue most Facebook Apps based on user-submitted content have to deal with, is the friction of the content submission process. It might be true that the richer the content, the higher the engagement of users with the message, however, it also stands that users are more reluctant to go the extra mile and create an original message, let alone upload a photo or a video.

The Instagram contest that Lowe Athens created with Threenitas, for the Kotsovolos account, addressed this exact problem with a unique solution. Reduce the friction of photo uploads, by taking advantage of a medium whose users are more than accustomed to continuously submit original, high-quality photo content: Instagram.

The #photomania contest asked users to upload new photos to Instagram, or even tag existing ones with the #photomania tag, in order to submit them to the application that run on Kotsovolos’s, a leading electrical appliances and electronics retailer in Greece. To avoid spam and presentation of copyrighted material, all photos that were submitted through Instagram were automatically selected, and presented in the app, after they were approved by the app’s content administrators.

The Facebook page’s audience was then asked to show their preference for their favorite photos, from within the Facebook app, using only Facebook’s like button. The Like button was used since there was no need for a voting process.

This hybrid application supported to parallel contests. One contest was a sweepstakes among all Instagram users who contributed their content to the photo album, and the second was targeting all Facebook users who entered the app and helped propagate its content through their social activity.

Technical Highlights

  • Facebook contest, using Instagram as a source for user submitted content.
  • Instagram’s easy photo uploading process greatly facilitated user content submission.
  • User actions on Facebook determined the most popular photos.
  • The app supported an ad campaign and a contest, focused on FB user acquisition and data collection.