Project Description

Media Communication’s HOTstream platform caters to the needs of luxury resort establishments that need to provide as many entertainment choices for its guests as possible. The HOTstream in-room entertainment platform, can use the room TV to access tourist guides, hotel facilities information and hotel services such as billing and room service.

However, access to these services should be easily available to everyone, mostly by being agnostic of the device used, medium or location. Guests are no longer content with accessing hotel content and services through the traditional medium of TVs equiped with custom set-top boxes.

Designed to take full advantage of the power and portability of mobile devices, the HOTstream mobile app, available on both smartphones and tablets, allows hotel guests to control their experience both before and during their stay. The full set of services available through traditional media, is also offered through the apps.

Users may navigate through all facilities and services of the hotel, or explore the historical and natural sites of the region. They can get instant access to the hotel’s events calendar and, as guests, make all their bookings from the ease of your handheld device. The hotel’s monthly updated movies library along with MCOM’s High Definition Thematic Entertainment packages are also available to all guests, complementing the wide range of satellite channels.

Technical Highlights

The main technical challenge for the HOTstream app was the requirement for a uniform experience on all devices and platforms. The client requested a cross-platform implementation that had to be powered by the same backend as the traditional set-top box medium.

The application was built on top of Threenitas’s content publishing platform and integrates with the custom backend that hosts the information specific to the hotel.

At the same time, the application serves as a template for supporting new venues. Built with this requirement in mind, it is easily customizable, both visually as well as service-wise. New, venue-specific versions of the app can be built with minimum modification of the main application.

  • Cross-platform implementation, with support for iOS & Android and future support for Windows Tablet & Phone
  • Backend integration through RESTful JSON API
  • Asynchronous, background tasks for data updates (messages, tasks, service banners)
  • Dual operation mode: online mode accesses live data, offline mode works with data previously cached on the device
  • Dual access mode: hotel guest mode allows access to full set of features, pre-arrival mode only allows access to marketing material