Project Description

Piraeus Bank, the largest bank in Greece (2015), has developed “Winbank Lefta sto Lepto”, a revolutionary service that allows its clients to send money to anyone in Greece, requiring nothing more than access to a Piraeus Bank ATM.

As part of an effort to publicize the service and promote its use, Piraeus Bank worked with Threenitas in order to design and develop an application that letĪƒ people test-drive the service in a simulated environment. Through this process they get to learn how LsL works, while at the same time, they participate in a contest that hands out LsL codes that, for some lucky participants, get redeemed with real money!

  • Implemented both as a stand-alone web app as well as an in-app feature for all Winbank mobile apps
  • Facebook Login integration for no-frils user registration
  • Instant-Win contest hands out LsL codes that can be checked in real-life ATMs
  • Responsive design supports desktop and mobile browsers