Project Description

Papastratos, the Greek subsidiary of Philip Morris International, sells its products through a broad network of retailers. PM Bonus Club is an online, invitation-only, loyalty platform that supports Papastratos’s retailer network in a way that combines brand education with entertainment.

Accessible through a browser, the platform makes use of a series of gamification elements, that allow users to collect points and badges by taking part in contests and quizzes. The content of such elements is tightly connected to the site’s educational purpose, as all gaming activities revolve around brand-related marketing material that can be found on the site. Users compete with each other in collecting those points, which they can later redeem in the platform’s e-shop.

Some of the major features of the platform are the following:

  • Multi-level user accounts (simple users, group leaders, regional leaders)
  • Functional user groupings (user groups based on PMI’s marketing criteria)
  • Extensive activity reporting
  • Configurable Interactive Games and Quizzes
  • Gamification-support through system-wide point gathering
  • On-site point redemption (products, coupons, etc)

Threenitas has been working with Papastratos in gradually extending the PM Bonus Club loyalty platform, by introducing new capabilities and implementing games and entertainment activities that increase user engagement.