Project Description

Shop on the Way, is a unique app designed and developed for

Available for iOS and Android smartphone, the app supported a pop-up store activity that took place in the Syntagma Metro Station, the hub station of Athens Metro. There, at a special area, a set of virtual shelves was put on display, allowing users to “shop” for the items presented using their phones. Individual items, available at special prices only applicable to app users, could be scanned and added to a virtual basket. From there, the user could proceed in ordering the contents of their baskets, and have them delivered even on the same day.

The app’s utility comes from allowing commuters to perform their shopping in an intuitive manner, by browsing through virtual shelves rather than lists in the app. In addition to that, the ease with which new orders are placed was tantamount the app’s success.

This version of Shop on the Way served as a pilot, and was used to gain important insights for its functionality. A new re-incarnation of the app is planned to come soon!