Project Description

Facebook page tab app for the Staff Jeans brand. Users we required to submit original content, inspired by the brand’s seasonal collection. Participants entered a sweepstakes and were given the opportunity to win garments from the brand’s new collection.

Project Highlights

  • Users were prompted to create a custom frontpage cover artwork
  • Users could either upload a photo or use their camera to capture an image. Their image could be re adjusted( zoom or left-right reposition) in a predefined frame in order to create their custom cover
  • Moderation tool allowed for page administrators to approve or reject submitted covers. A Facebook notification was sent to the user in order to notify him of the moderation result
  • Users could share their custom cover. Share posts gain higher visibility by leveraging on Facebook’s open graph tag functionality
  • The app presented a gallery with all user created covers
  • Support voting for all image galleries
  • Contest support with user data collection