Project Description

ZingyLand is a land full of interactive tales, educational games and rewarding badges for children up to 8 years old! Within a safe and friendly environment, children and their parents will be fully entertained, both by reading stories and playing with all the educational activities that are provided.

Threenitas worked directly with the ZingyLand team in creating the app and the publishing platform that supports the ZingyLand application.

Interactive Tales
Every story you will find in ZingyLand, is original and contains:

  • Interactive moves for the children
  • Unique music themes
  • The option to listen to the story by a narrator
  • The option to watch the story, like watching a short movie

Every story aims to inspire, entertain and mainly, teach little boys and girls, selecting from a variety of categories, like Classics, Adventures, Sweet Dreams, Our Town, Our Planet, Values and Emotions, etc.

3 free Educational Activities with every Tale
Every story of ZingyLand, comes with 3 free games: puzzles, memory cards and painting. All three activities strengthen observation, creativity and the imagination of our young friends.

Topics and rewarding badges
Both the variety of the tutorial topics and the content of the tales, are processed in cooperation with child psychologists, in order to obtain an educational incentive. Through the whole App, children can find Zingy, the basic hero, who rewards them every time an activity is completed.

For Parents
The parents section allows controling all modifiable aspects of the user interface and the purchase process. It also serves as a tutorial/how-to guide that explains the App’s functionality.

Access to the parents section and all purchase functionality is controlled by an age-gate, a simple quiz that aims to prevent kids from accessing such aspects of the app

Multilingual Support
The application is available in four languages: Greek, English, French and Spanish. The user can change the language of the UI. All content is also available in all four supported languages.

Technical Highlights

A wide range of technologies were put to use in order to meet the business requirements of the ZingyLand platform, while providing a unique user experience to the children using it. The most important technical aspects that we had to tackle in the process are the following:

  • Native implementation: in ensuring the best possible experience, performance-wise, the app is native to each platform, and no cross-platform tools were used in its development
  • Publisher model: revenue is realized through the sale of tales, the app features a store where all content available for purchase
  • In-app purchases: all tales available are unlocked through in-app purchases
  • Push notifications: support direct marketing need with notification
  • Multilingual support: on-the-fly UI language change and extensive use of localization services to facilitate the adaptation of the UI to new languages

ZingyLand’s content was built using tools provided by the publishing platform that was developed by Threenitas for this purpose. The main goal was to facilitate the creation of such content by designers, rather than developers.

  • Web-technologies based authoring: the interactive tales are HTML5 and CSS are used for creating the tales, minimum coding skills are required and the creation of new tales can be undertaken directly by the publisher, without the need for further development

Hosting the ZingyLand platform has also proved a unique challenge. The app targets four different markets across continents, thus making it imperative for content to be quickly available to end-users, regardless of the location. And of course, availability of the content and the service needed to be guaranteed.

  • High-availability: extended use of cloud-based services for content storage and database transactions
  • Decentralization: all systems are decoupled, running on different services, each system knows only about those that
  • Extensibility: the inherent scalability of the cloud services used by the platform allow for an extensible infrastructure that can cover future needs and burst traffic
  • Low cost: pay-as-you-go infrastructure costs, that grow in proportion to actual application usage, minimize initial investment while ensuring easy expansion

Project Awards

mobile excellence awards 2016


mobile excellence awards 2015