Digital Marketing

Ιn digital environments, the consumers have the mic. And we’re listening carefully to what they say they want.

Digital Marketing

We combine our ability to forecast trends, research and interpret data points.

We live in an age of easy and ubiquitous access to information and data. Users are constantly bombarded with all kinds of digital content through a variety of media. Successful digital marketing is based on the ability to interpret users’ actions and extract the knowledge that will allow the delivery of the brand’s message in a relevant context, and effectively draw the user’s attention.

We distill and disseminate all raw data, in a way that allows us to uncover insights that will help us build those effective and rewarding experiences. And of course, we monitor campaigns both qualitatively and quantitatively to optimize and deliver the greatest return.

Search Engine Marketing

We are committed to keeping an eye on things.

With a dedicated Search Engine Optimization team, we can anticipate your ever-changing needs and deliver real solutions. Throughout the entire development process, our SEO team works closely with User Experience, Design and Creative for maximum organic search engine visibility.

However, SEO is a constantly changing industry. We are making sure that we can offer you the best service possible. Using SEO fundamentals and optimization techniques (white hat SEO), we’ll make sure your site has the best chance of showing up at the top.

What we do

  • Media optimization
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Page title optimization
  • Create optimized content strategies
  • Linking strategy

Location-based Marketing

Local search engine marketing can make or break your business’s growth.

Your future customers are searching the web and using mobile devices to find products and services in their community. Appearing in their search results relies in part on the strength of your local internet marketing. Your prosperity depends on new customers finding your business in local and mobile searches.

What we do

  • Local keyword analysis and research
  • Full on-page local optimization for better local SEO
  • Creating geographically relevant content designed to attract links
  • Identifying relevant review sites and creating a strategy to encourage positive feedback
  • Claiming and optimizing social media profiles and business listings in Google Places, Yahoo & Bing Local, Four Square & Yelp

Social Media Marketing

We just introduce what consumers want to connect with: value.

Friends have influence. Social media has connections. Real influence is now in the hands of consumers. That means a brand’s business objectives must meet consumer needs to be successful. Understanding those objectives helps define social strategies to articulate what the brand stands for and the opportunity that exists to support that story through social media channels.

A brand that’s social listens to consumers and is active in the community. We identify sites and voices online that influence your consumers the most and then listen to them for insights. We then follow through with a commitment to actively engage your consumers online while measuring success along the way. Bottom line: It takes work to be popular.

What we do

  • Digital monitoring
  • Strategy development
  • Social marketing training
  • Activation
  • Social marketing execution
  • Content strategy
  • Community management
  • Social marketing analytics

Mobile Marketing

We have a dedicated Mobile Marketing Group that offers in-house mobile expertise.

And we are not just referring to smartphones and tablets, but also Kindles, handheld gaming and music players. Mobile is the next generation of the digital movement. And it could be in your pocket right now.

Our mobile approach is about identifying opportunities that meet both the consumer’s needs and your business goals. Research reveals insights into the audience and then initiatives are tailored for the space that’s most impactful. We find the rhythm that moves the most people.

What we do

  • Mobile marketing strategy
  • Messaging programs
  • Optimized mobile sites
  • Native applications
  • Media planning
  • Technical integration and development