Project Management

When changes pop up that can affect the scope, schedule or budget, our Project Managers quickly and clearly communicate the impacts to appropriate stakeholders so informed decisions can be made.

Plan the work. Work the plan.

We are quick on our feet and pragmatic in our approach

There are a thousand moving parts in every digital project, and the Project Manager is the one who is responsible for juggling and toying and forcing every single aspect of the project into submission, ensuring delivery on time, on scope and on budget.

We move at the speed of marketing.

In the age of digital, the business world operates faster than ever. So when the unexpected happens (and rest assured that it will happen) your timeline can be jeopardized, unless you are prepared for that.

Our job is to make sure that, during the project’s execution, we take advantage of all opportunities to make up for precious time, no matter what the circumstances. We know how speed to market can spell the difference between success and failure.

Once we get started, we don’t overburden the process with rigid inflexibility.

After all, “my way or the highway” isn’t our style. Instead, we find it best to use a guiding framework that can be molded in real time.

What we do

  • Process management
  • Project management design
  • Mitigation
  • Trends and forecasts