Project Description

ICAP Group is one of the most successful regional Business Services Groups in South Eastern Europe. ICAP People Solutions, a business unit of ICAP Group, supports employers in covering their recruitment needs by offering them access to a pool of highly skilled professionals.

The ICAP Voucher platform, developed by Threenitas for ICAP People Solutions, covers the specific requirements for matchmaking companies with entry-level professionals, as part of the Voucher Program. Built on an extensible and modular architecture, the ICAP Voucher platform supports all stages of the voucher workflow, all the way from the informational level to the final hiring.

  • Front-facing site to provide program information and accept candidate applications
  • Backoffice tools to support candidate matching
  • Administration tools targeted to businesses to handle candidate evaluation and hiring
  • Multi-stage modelling of the recruitment process
  • Extensible architecture, with support for new hiring cycles
  • Detailed reporting