Project Description

The classic Marlboro, underwent a rebranding in the Greek market in late 2014. Part of the rebranding effort was the introduction of new packaging and new features to the cigarettes, including a new filter that left the cigarette’s flavour unaffected.

Threenitas worked with Papastratos, the Greek subsidiary of Philip Morris International, and Publicis, its global marketing agency, in preparing an interactive, immersive, gesture-driven application that builds on top of Microsoft Kinect.

The application showcases the main characteristics of the new product, and more specifically, the new versions of the Marlboro RED cigarette pack and the tobacco pouch. The user stands in front of a big-screen TV, and uses only his hands, in order to manipulate the objects that are presented on-screen. The two objects are fully interactive 3D objects, that the user can spin and zoom, so that he can have a closer look of their features. In addition to that, the user can open the cigarette pack and interact with the cigarette, learning more about the new filter tip.

  • In-store installation
  • Microsoft Kinect-based gesture recognition
  • Interaction with fully featured 3D-objects (spin, zoom, move)
  • Interactive animations for product showcasing