Project Description

Visa and MasterCard. Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards. Branded and generally available cards. Offers that are tied only to specific combinations of the above. Good luck in finding what you are actually missing…

Winbank mycard comes to the rescue! It provides a streamlined method for discovering those offers that you are entitled to. Winbank mycard organizes available info into groups, based on their type. It keeps you from missing out on offers that are due to expire. It even lets you save the most interesting items for later.

In the end, it’s all about presenting and organizing info in a more meaningful, personal context that is relevant to your life and schedule.

Piraeus Bank, the largest bank in Greece, worked with Threenitas in order to design and develop this award-winning app.

  • Based on Let’s Place Connect platform
  • Personalized presentation of content using user preferences for filtering
  • Offer promotion using geolocation notifications
  • Integrates Smart Cache and Smart Sync technologies for minimal data transfer
  • Smart geolocation triggering, based on area type and method of approach
  • Offline support
  • Support for iOS and Android smartphone devices
  • Smartwatch support for Apple Watch, Android Wear and Samsung Gear

Check out a detailed presentation of the features and capabilities of Winbank mycard.

Project Awards

mobile excellence awards 2015
business it excellence awards 2015